1. What is the vision of a new playground at Riverside Park? 
    To provide a new playground at Riverside Park by the year 2025. The new park committee set out with a handful of goals: to have a playground that would reflect the local community and environment, and be an area-wide destination for kids and parents. Simultaneous goals of handicap accessibility and health promotion were established. See more at https://lagrandeplayground.org/vision/
  2. Has the current playground been evaluated for repair rather than replacement?
    Yes. The current playground had an expectancy of approximately 20 years. The playground has been evaluated by the original manufacturing company for structural integrity, rot issues and more. It was determined the cost to repair exceeded realistic measures and would only grant the current playground a few more years of use. 
  3. Which company will be manufacturing the playground? Will replacement be available in the future?
    Ross Recreation Equipment will be the servicing company for the new playground. With longevity in the business, replacement parts in the future should be readily available. More can be learned at www.rossrec.com
  4. What is the life expectancy of the new playground?
    Ross Recreation Equipment says to expect at least 20 years from all of their equiment with minimal  maintenance cost and strong warranties.
  5. What is the overall cost for a new playground?
    With the design that has been approved through the Riverside Playground Committee, the replacement cost is approximately $650,000. This cost will be reached with grants and donations. To apply for the grants to complete the project, approximately $260,000 needs to be raised by Spring of 2024.
  6. Will the new playground be inclusive for all play?
    Yes. The new playground design took into account all ages, capabilities and access. Ross Recreation Equipment has over 75,000 playgrounds to date; they specialize in ADA/all inclusive playgrounds to not only meet, but exceed state and federal requirements. 
  7. Will the new playground be larger than the current footprint at Riverside Park?
    No. The playground was designed to fit into the current footprint with both the toddler play area and the larger playground. The large metal swings will not be removed. 
  8. What material will be used on the ground to make the playground all inclusive?
    Ground cover for a playground is a larger budget item. All pathways and safety zones will be ForeverLawn Playground Grass. This is designed for high traffic, accessible traffic, and safety purposes for fall zones and high impact areas. There will be some areas of bark chip, to be determined as applicable. 
  9. Can I get my handprint tile when the playground is replaced?
    The current handprint tiles, pickets and/or sponsor plaques may be incorporated into the new playground and possibly not removed. If any items are to be removed, a plan will be made to offer these to the public. 
  10. Is a splash pad incorporated into the new playground design?
    No. Riverside Park is currently serviced by a water line from the City of La Grande, crosses the river, and enters the park. This water line is not sufficient to successfully operate a splash pad. However, La Grande Ciy Parks and Recreation understands the public desire for a splash pad and has this project as an upcoming priority in a separate location.
  11. As a business owner, does my donation count as a charitable contribution?
    Yes. The City of La Grande will provide the contributing business owner with the proper document for tax purposes. 
  12. I would like to donate, is there a payment plan option?
    Yes. There are multiple ways to donate towards the playground. For more information click here.